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Trevor Clumpner

Electronic Press Kit

Trevor Clumpner is a staple of the Fox Valley comedy scene in Wisconsin. He’s known for his absurdist view points and a darker look at life. Trevor brings a unique and thought-provoking perspective to the stage. Hailing from a small town and serving as a member of the armed forces, his experiences infuse his comedy with relatable authenticity.


Trevor's razor-sharp wit and clever storytelling have garnered him recognition, including being featured on the renowned Kill Tony podcast. As a regular performer at the esteemed Skyline comedy club, and with his many Don't Tell appearances he continues to captivate audiences with his charismatic stage presence and offbeat humor.


This Midwest-based comedian has shared the spotlight with comedy heavyweights such as KC Shornima, Jeff Arcuri, Preacher Lawson, and many others, showcasing his ability to hold his own among the best in the business.


Prepare to be taken on a rollercoaster ride of laughter, where Trevor Clumpner fearlessly explores the darkest corners of life with his absurd and irresistible comedic charm. Brace yourself for a hilarious journey through the extraordinary mind of this exceptional talent.

Photos & Headshots


Credits & Media

  • Stand UP Comedy Festival, Marquette, MI: Featured Performer

  • Skyline Comedy Club, Appleton, WI: House Comic

  • Don't Tell Comedy: Regular Performer

  • Featured on Kill Tony

  • The Rick and Cutter show on WAPL

  • Keenan Thompson Presents: Runner Up

  • Host of This Review in Review

  • WBAY Small Towns

                                          Performed With

  • Preacher Lawson

  • Brent Terhune

  • Jeff Arcuri

  • Collin Moulten

  • Mr. Derrick

  • KC Shornima

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