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Trevor Clumpner

Comedian / Podcaster / Event Producer


About Me

    Trevor Clumpner is an up and coming comedian in the Fox Valley comedy scene. Who’s silly viewpoints and absurd life experiences will have you wondering “wait,  is this real?” The answer is yes, yes it is. 

    Trevor has been performing all over the Fox Valley and is a regular at The Skyline Comedy Club where he has opened for Preacher Lawson and others. He can also be seen making Tony Hinchcliff’s day on Kill Tony. Trevor has even made a home at Missfits Tavern creating their first ever comedy showcase. Where he has honed his hosting skills as well as his signature style of crowd work. After exiting the military with the designation “Hero” Trevor had a hard time fitting into civilian life and found comedy, a crevice he could finally squeeze into. From his crevice he enjoys being able to tell military secrets as he employs a very obscure clause which allows for “Heroes” to divulge any number of secrets without any consequences as long as it’s in a comedic format. 

    Being no stranger to the mic, he was a mildly successful musician and uses this to establish a very whimsical stage presence. Trevor has lived a very eclectic life with his motto always being “don’t be boring”. Being the big fish in a small pond he was the prom king of a town with a population of 1100. He then joined the military and lived that #brolife. When he got out he went the polar opposite and lived in squaller as a punk in a show house of seven people, where he experimented with all types of psychedelics and spent most of his time passed out on a lot of floors. Trevor has also been on a life long quest to find his biological father who he has recently found, turns out the store was out of smokes!         

    Make sure not to pass on this guy, he’s ready to tell you everything. Seriously, he can’t shut up about it. I mean ask his dad. It’s why he left.